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Cashless TPA:


In case of emergency/planned admission (for patients covered under any med claim/health insurance) patient/patient relatives should follow the following procedures.

  • The photocopy of the TPA Id card, insurance policy and Photo ID Proof (Adhar Card, Pan Card, Passport) is retained by the admission desk while the patient starts receiving necessary medical treatment.
  • During admission the patient relative fulfils the required formalities like filling up the necessary consent forms.
  • The coordinator/Doctor who is at the hospital TPA desk fills up the pre authorization form (duly signed by the patient / patient relatives) and forwards it to the concerned TPA by fax/mail within 24 hours of hospitalization of the patient. 
  •  The coordinator at the TPA desk does regular follow-up with the concerned TPA and waits for the initial approval letter of the patient.
  •  The coordinator at the TPA desk answers to any query/additional information asked by the concerned TPA regarding the treatment of the patient.
  •  After receiving the authorization/denial letter or any information from the concerned TPA, coordinators at the TPA desk informs the patient relatives. 
  •  If the concerned TPA sends a denial letter before the discharge of the patient, the patient/patient relatives will have to settle the entire bill amount by cash payment. 
  •  If the authorization letter is sent by the concerned TPA, the patient/patient relatives have to pay the charges of only the unapproved part. 
  •  At the time of discharge patient relatives will get the photocopy of all the reports. Original reports and bill are sent to the concerned TPA. 
  •  In case of any query the patient relatives may contact the Front Office In-Charge at +91 8486020032 / 7399025131during the regular office hours.

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